RFP – Corruption Risk Management Information System

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 Integrity is currently seeking the services of an IT firm or a team of IT professionals to develop an IT based information system to track, analyze, map and expose (TAME) corruption risks within the Nigerian environment. The final system is envisioned as an App running on smartphone based mobile devices and accessible to key stakeholders in the Nigerian economy.

The selected firm or individuals will be expected to:

  1. Review Integrity’s requirements and develop detailed software requirements specifications
  2. Undertake high level, detailed and user experience design
  3. Build and test software
  4. Specify and secure the deployment environment
  5. Deploy the software
  6. Prepare technical, training and end-user documentation
  7. Conduct training for Integrity’s personnel
  8. Provide initial post deployment support

Interested firms or IT professionals wishing to respond to the RFP must possess the following:

  1. Evidence of registration and copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  2. Organisation Profile or Individual Profiles;
  3. Names and Curriculum Vitae of professional staff proposed for the project, including qualification and individual experience in handling similar assignments;
  4. Evidence of technical competence in Custom Software Development & Implementation, IT Project Management, Web Development, Android/IOS Development and Deployment of Hosted and Applications;
  5. Experience/track record of developing and deploying web and mobile applications;
  6. Evidence of certifications or adherence to international standards for Software Development, Project Management & Testing/Quality Assurance;
  7. List of similar assignments or projects undertaken by proposed team members;
  8. Understanding of the project objectives, challenges and expectations.

Selection will be in accordance to a Quality and Cost Based selection procedure. Click here to download the RFP Document and here to submit your proposal

Proposals must be submitted on or before Wednesday, 14th December, 2016. Should you have any questions or comments, please send an email to info (at) integritynigeria (dot) org

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