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Business Action Against Corruption (BAAC) A collective action initiative to help businesses navigate the difficulties involved in surviving and thriving in the Nigerian economy.

Business Action Against Corruption

What is BAAC?

The Convention on Business Integrity (CBi), since June 2006, implements the Business Action Against Corruption (BAAC), Nigeria project. The aim of the BAAC project is to use collective action to improve corporate governance and reduce corruption in the Nigerian business environment. The programme also supports practical initiatives, which promote good governance and improve the investment climate. We achieve this through working with industry at strengthening self-regulation of business, its compliance with government regulation, stakeholder activism and a public vigilance over the arrangement. We also build on existing relationships with the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to build a partnership to strengthen corporate leadership practices by raising standards of board leadership of directors of listed companies in Nigeria to review their fiduciary responsibilities, and meet stakeholder expectations. The aim is to define a set of business principles, reporting guidelines and system of compliance incentives jointly with directors of listed companies in Nigeria.

Why Join BAAC?

Benefits of Joining BAAC

Small Companies

Perceived Issues

Access to Finance

Remedial Action

Institute Governance and Controls

Additional Benefits

  1. Access to preselected above board vendors
  2. Training
  3. Certification
  4. Advocacy (e.g. Regulatory Conversations, partnership with relevant regulatory agencies, public procurement interface.

How to Join BAAC

Joining BAAC is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Send a declaration of intent to be part of this Business-led Collective Action in the fight against corruption indicating
      • the willingness to actively participate and
      • report on an annual basis (November 30th each year) experience from company effort to prevent corruption within sphere of influence
      • preparedness to participate in at least one thematic sub-group (SME, Oil & Gas, Telecomms etc.) to ensure that the corruption threats to compliance, growth and survival of company are adequately expressed and captured
  2. Provide basic due diligence documents as listed in the table below.
  3. These items will be vetted and if application is unsuccessful, this will be communicated to the company with a full refund within 7 working days of submitting the application.
Business Action Against Corruption