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EgunjeDotInfo Whistleblowing Platform

When the people act, corruption stops!  YOU have an active role and are a deciding factor to  whether corruption stays or goes in Nigeria.  You are the Judge!

You and about 160 million other Nigerians can nod “Yes” to allow the wanton spate of  corruption to advance to the next level, or “No” to evict corruption from Nigeria.

But we see that:

  • You are afraid of retribution because the system has been twisted to work against you when you try to do the right thing.
  • You lack the energy to do anything about it, because you believe nothing will come out of it.
  • You keep silent or worse you choose not to beat them and so you join them.

What if we told you that:

  • There is a system that accepts your corruption reports anonymously
  • That from anywhere in the country you may use your mobile device to report and the system picks it.
  • You can track your reports stage by stage, down to who is dealing with it*

To show you that it works:

  • We have recorded over ten thousands visit  to the EgunjeDotInfo website
  • We have gathered over one hundred and thirty reports and counting

It is time to wake up, there is no more time to fold your hands and do nothing about  The power is in your hands.  Everything in the system to help transfer that power to you is in place, all you have to do is use it! What stops you from exercising your power and making that report right now? Visit