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  1. Babalola James Olatunde
    August 18, 2020 @ 5:51 pm

    I sincerely appreciate and thank the conveners of the webinar. So insightful and educating.
    Kindly look into the challenges of each port in Nigeria for you to arrive at a harmonized SOP and concrete advice for policy formulation and implementation. The perculiarities of all ports must be considered.
    Kindly investigate the third party towage contract awarded by NPA as it concerned all ports in Nigeria. This might be a delineate attempt to kill the Eastern ports. All vessels were made to pay $8,000 US dollars not minding the length and the quantity of cargo onboard. Thereby increasing costs of operations and the multiplier effect on the Masses via market prices of goods and services available to meet daily demands.
    It is indeed a great challenge and it not fun for people to be stressed by fiat. No due consultations or participation for stakeholders inputs on contracts awarded by NPA in conjunction with the transportation ministry.
    It paramount that Nigeria needs diversify her economy and the maritime sector is a major route for revenue generation and goals attainment in this respect.
    There is the need for a wholististic checks and balances to enhance growth and economic development of Nigerian economy and the lives or livelihood of the masses.


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