Dr. Bala Magaji – Director

Dr. Bala Magaji – Director

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Dr. Bala Magaji holds degrees in economics, banking and management (BSc – Econs, MSc – Banking and Finance, and PhD – Management). He worked in several banking institutions for about a decade and rose to be a senior manager before setting up shop as a financial and management consultant to many public as well as private organizations especially multilateral and multinational institutions. He also joined Ahmadu Bello University in 2003 as a full time lecturer specializing in finance and management turn around/restructuring.

Dr. Magaji has undertaken several key assignments with CBi and excels at building and developing effective networks. He has a deep understanding of the economics of deprivation. He has leveraged his background in banking on our projects by brokering effective partnerships. Dr Magaji is a keen entrepreneur himself and runs a successful commodities trading outfit.

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  1. Hello Doctor. Is quite awhile. I intend to call you about 12. Will that be OK with you sir?

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