Business Innovation Facility

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During its three-year pilot period, running from July 2010 to June 2013, the Facility’s operations will be focused on five countries: Nigeria, Zambia, Malawi, India and Bangladesh. The Convention on Business Integrity is the implementing partner in Nigeria. The Business Innovation facility supports companies as they develop or scale up innovative ‘inclusive business’ models. By inclusive businesses the Facility means profitability doing business in a way that engages the poor as employees, suppliers or distributors across the value chain, or as customers through the development of affordable products and services that meets the needs of the poor. A DFID-supported initiative, the Business Innovation Facility is at the heart of the UK Government’s commitment to build stronger partnerships with business, with Facility management drawing upon skills and experience from both the private and development sectors. Please visit the Practioners’ Hub at for more detailed information.


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