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The CBi Declaration

Declaration of Principles

1. We the undersigned recognise that corruption has had a devastating impact on the social and economic development of this country. We share in the growing consensus that action is needed to strengthen transparency, accountability, and civility, in business, public life and the rest of civil society.
2. We the undersigned also recognise the need to restore integrity to every facet of human life, especially in the area of local and international trade and investment.
3. We the undersigned therefore pledge to support and implement all laws/legislation in existence in Nigeria, geared towards these objectives, and to participate along with other members of the business community and representatives of international financial institutions, in forming a coalition against corruption and in empowering people, systems and institutions against corruption with INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY IN NIGERIA.

4. We the undersigned welcome the action taken by INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY IN NIGERIA to strengthen transparency, truth, accountability, and civility. In this context, we the undersigned:
a) Will ensure that our policies and procedures are such as to enhance transparency and accountability;
b) Will not offer bribes, or any other form of inducement to any official, whether public or private, in connection with its bids/business;
c) Will not permit anyone(whether its employee or an independent agent) to do so on its behalf;
d) Will in furtherance of this, issue a directive to all employees, agents and other representatives reminding them of their legal and professional duty not to demand of accept bribes of any description, and to remind them that to do would constitute an offence against the laws of Nigeria which will be punished with the full force of the law;
e) Will formally undertake to issue instructions to all its employees and agents or other representatives to inform the corporation of any corrupt practices taking place in the organization;
f) Will ensure that only individuals with proven records of trust worthiness, truthfulness and integrity are employed in every sphere of its operations;
g) Will reward those employees, agents or its other representatives who show themselves to be upright in all their dealings with for and on behalf of the organisation/corporation;
h) Will co-operate with the law enforcement agencies to ensure that corrupt individual in its establishment are brought to book and face the full force of the law;
i) Will encourage and participate in formal and informal training schemes designed to enhance integrity and transparency in the workplace.