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A signatory is a company/Organisation that has signed up to the Code of The Convention on Business Integrity. Signatories of The Convention undertake to observe the values of the Code of Business Integrity, both within their own organizations and in their dealings with customers and partners. The Code includes both incentives and sanctions for the organizations involved.

To show their pledge to the Convention, signatories enter into a purely moral commitment with the intent of benefiting from and upholding the platform of credibility which the members of the Convention share.


  1. Cadbury Nigeria Plc.
  2. Denham Management Ltd
  3. Diamond Bank Limited
  4. Dunlop Nigeria Plc.
  5. Lagos Business School
  6. Omolayole & Co.
  7. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
  8. Prominent Securities
  9. Risk Watch
  10. SAP AG
  11. Express Discount Limited
  12. MTN Nigeria
  13. GT Bank
  14. Standard Chartered Bank Ltd
  15. Prima Garnet Ogilvy Group
  16. Sokoa Chair Centre,The Chair Centre,
  17. Furniture Mart Association
  18. Cash Link Leasing Plc
  19. Business Day
  20. Oando Plc
  21. Access Bank Plc.
  22. Guinness Nigeria Plc.
  23. United Bank for Africa Plc.(UBA)
  24. Vodacom



  1. Dr. Christopher Kolade
  2. Mr. Akintola Williams
  3. Professor Gabriel Olusanya(Late)
  4. Professor Pat Utomi



  1. Ministry of the Federal Capital Territory