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The Integrity Fund

The picture of corruption in Nigeria is quite gloomy. The rate of corruption in Nigeria is said to be one of the highest in the world; where public officials help themselves to fill their pockets because of lack of supervision and weak attitude to punishing the culprits. People who want to keep their integrity are victimized, laughed to scorn and treated with injustice because they stood for the truth.Donate


The corrupt have access to massive funds and utilize it to stifle any opposition and walk away with impunity. Those who want to keep their integrity usually stand alone in the fight and are bereft of the weapons with which to fight this monstrous scourge called corruption.

What if there was a fund, an integrity fund, where people who stand for good values, the rule of law, morality, good ethics, pool their goodwill together in the form of an integrity fund:

  • To help, support, and publicly recognize those who are holding a candle of integrity to the thick darkness of corruption in Nigeria
  •  To build moral courage in persons standing resolutely against corruption in our sea of graft
  • To help the just and protect their integrity when the system keeps them away from earning for not “playing ball”
  • To draw from and implement our own interventions to reduce corruption in Nigeria.
  • To support those who were once corrupt and are now cleaning up their act to build integrity

We recognize the possible concern around whether or not it is socially just to use monies pooled from hardworking people to reform those who have been corrupt and stolen Nigeria’s resources however, that could be like not allowing alcoholics or other addicts into a rehabilitation process. Those building or rebuilding integrity need help and support. Nigeria needs help. Can you help?

All donations are thankfully received.

For details please contact Ayoyinka Johnson.
17A, House 2, Muyibat Oyefusi Crescent,
Off Akinola Adegunwa Street, Off Adeyemo Akapo Street,
Omole Phase I, Ikeja,
Phone Numbers: 234 –1- 7915712, 08191580287