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Accreditation Process for Intending Signatories
Private Sector

Stage 1
1. Application Process

i. Letter of application for membership
(This letter should state why the organisation would like to be considered for membership and summarise the efforts made thus far to improve governance)
ii. Completed application form
iii. The letter should be accompanied by the following documents:
a. Policy statements on mission, vision & principles
b. Resolution from board and principal officers authorizing entity to sign the Convention on Business Integrity
c. Certificate of Incorporation
d. Forms Co2 & Co7
e. Memorandum & Articles of Association
f. Audited Accounts & Tax Clearance Certificates (over 5 year period dependent on year of incorporation)
iv. Application Fees (see separate sheet)

Stage 2
2. Resolution accepting intending signatory as an associate member will be issued by the Convention on Business Integrity
3. Media event will be organized ( at signatory’s expense) for public signing of the Convention on Business Integrity and declaration of commitment to road map

Stage 3
4. Review of Codes, Creeds, Ethos that govern the values with which the organization would like to be associated. Where not available the exercise will be to create, disseminate and popularise such an instrument (in consultation with CBi).

Stage 4
5. Review and strengthening of internal audit mechanisms

Stage 5
6. External Audits to:

i. Establish the veracity of documents submitted in Stage 1
ii. Establish the level of implementation of Stage 3
iii. Establish the level of implementation of Stage 4

80 % implementation necessary for consideration for full membership

Stage 6
7. Media event will be organised (at signatory’s expense) to present certificate of membership to new signatory (and CBi Plaque) This confers the right to use the distinguishing mark of the Convention on Business Integrity on marketing materials (denoting full compliance)