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7 Steps

This briefing is intended to provide you with the basic building blocks to introduce and implement effectively a commitment to integrity as outlined by the Convention on Business Integrity. It adapts a model which has been developed to implement an overall commitment to responsible business or corporate social responsibility. If you are interested in these wider issues, they are explained much more fully in “Corporate Social Opportunity – Seven Steps to make Corporate Social Responsibility work for your business”,

Step 1 – Identifying the triggers
Step 2 – Scoping what matters
Step 3 – Making the business case
Step 4 – Committing to action
Step 5 – Integrating across the business
Step 6 – Engaging stakeholders
Step 7 – Measuring & reporting


The goal is that CBi and your processes and drills for ensuring conformity and commitment to integrity becomes “second nature” – that is, “the way that we do things around here”. The intention is to help an organisation to move from unconscious incompetence, through conscious incompetence, to conscious competence, to unconscious competence – because the techniques have now become totally embedded in the business as illustrated in the figure below.