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Welcome to Integrity’s toolkit to help you comply with the requirements of the Convention on Business Integrity and become accredited as a member of Integrity. This toolkit is intended to provide advice and a wide range of resources and examples to make it as easy as possible to secure accreditation.

CBi is delighted that you have accepted the challenge to join them on a journey of eliminating corrupt practices and committing to working ethically. Many businesses in Nigeria have made a similar commitment so you are in excellent company.

There are considerable benefits to working in this way, not least the possibility of accessing international trade opportunities. You are probably already aware of the benefits, but if you would like to read further about the benefits, please follow the link.

CBi is aiming to ensure that the tick mark is recognised internationally – as prima facie evidence that companies are determined to work ethically and without engaging in corrupt practices. This will help when companies want to trade internationally.

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