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Highlights of the 6th Annual Christopher Kolade Lecture on Business Integrity

Highlights of the 6th Annual Christopher Kolade Lecture on Business Integrity

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The Annual Christopher Kolade lecture series which commenced in 2013 was instituted in the name of an Integrity icon to mark his landmark year- his 80th birthday.

The lecture series is emerging as a forum for businesses to engage with experts and with each other on business integrity issues. The past five editions have addressed issues around building businesses on a solid foundation while imbibing a culture of Business Integrity.    Continue Reading

The Making of AgriStar PLC

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Consider this fictitious account of the rise and fall of a non-existent company. Any similarities between the account below and any real or imagined persons or body corporate, in the words of folks at BLACKHOUSE Studios, is a miracle!

So, a group of smart Investors from SMARTINVEST Ltd. hatch a scheme to takeover a second-tier listed company, Ebidomo Agro-Edibles PLC (EAP) whose share price has remained at 50kobo/share for the last 10 years. They create a holding company called LIFEiBETA Holdings to which they advance a loan of N100m used to mop up 60% of EAP shares before most people could notice (based on relationships with the REGISTRARS but that’s a different story). As smart investors, they don’t stop there. They set up an offshore company in a Tax Haven called EVERGREEN Offshore Holdings and provide guarantees to some foreign banks who then on the basis of that, provide EVERGREEN a $50m loan. The stage is now set for their grand plans to unfold. Continue Reading

A better Way to Prevent It – A Business Day Article by Soji Apampa

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Okay, so you started reading this article a little curious about what “it” is? Nigerians are today preoccupied with and have their minds continually filled to a troubling extent with mindboggling tales of government, business and individual acts of corruption. Is this not a grand enough “It” to obsess on and write about?

The results of a 2016 piece of research by PwC Nigeria shows that “…corruption in Nigeria could cost up to 37% of GDP by 2030 if it’s not dealt with immediately. This cost is equated to around $1,000 per person in 2014 and nearly $2,000 per person by 2030. The boost in average income that we estimate, given the current per capita income, can significantly improve the lives of many in Nigeria.” Read more

Business Day Article: We will rate clearance, marine sides of port operations – Apampa

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Soji Apampa is a co-founder of the Convention of Business Integrity, which represents Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) in Nigeria. In this interview with CHUKA UROKO and AMAKA ANAGOR-EWUZIE, he gives an insight into the reform that MACN is carrying out in Nigerian seaports in partnership with the Federal Government steering committees to reduce the propensity…read more

CBI Organizes Breakfast Forum with CEOs of Signatories, to be Hosted by Dr. Christopher Kolade, CON

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The Convention on Business Integrity is offering this CEO Breakfast Forum to provide a platform for signatories to discuss the regulatory and general business challenges as well as identify strategies for coping and prospering under these circumstances. The Convention on Business Integrity is also very keen to see in what ways it can intervene on behalf of the collective to strengthen their ability to flourish at such a time as this. Continue Reading

Highlights from the 2018 Africa CEO Forum

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The 2018 edition of the Africa CEO Forum took place on the 26th and 27th of March, in Abdijan and featured discourse and opinions from the top business leaders and investors on the continent.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Convention on Business Integrity (CBI), Soji Apampa, was aspeaker at a panel discussion titled “Better Corporate Governance for a Stronger African Capitalism”, during the 2 day event.

Below are highlights from the forum:

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Advert – Travel Agency Engagement!

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Our organization is looking to engage the services of a travel agency meets the following requirements:

  • IATA Licensed
  • Membership with the relevant associations
  • Existing relationships with major air carriers
  • Travel and visa advisory services
  • Handles local and international travel arrangements
  • Ability to offer competitive fares for flights (both local and international)
  • Over 10 years of travel industry experience
  • Office locations in Abuja or preferably in Lagos

If your agency meets the above requirements, please send an email to, before the 6th of March, that introduces your company and provide evidence of meeting the above requirements.

Mr. Apampa’s presentation at the Lagos Chamber of commerce ( LCCI) meeting held in February 2018.

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Board Appointments in the Integrity Organization

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With over a decade of committed service as a Director of the Governing Board of the organization, Mrs. Ibukun Awosika has been unanimously appointed as the Chairman of the of the Governing Board of the organization to be ably assisted by Mr. Osaro Eghobamien, SAN as the Vice-Chairman. The appointment takes effect from Monday February 26, 2018. Continue Reading

The Convention on Business Integrity (CBI) and the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) Honour Companies and Directors for Passing Corporate Governance Rating Assessment

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  • 437 individuals and 35 companies honoured
  • Launches Corporate Governance Index

Lagos, February 22, 2018. The Convention on Business Integrity (CBi) and The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE or Exchange) held a certification ceremony for 35 companies and 437 directors that made it over the 70% threshold for the Corporate Governance Rating System (CGRS) process. The companies were awarded the CGRS certification while the directors were awarded certificates for success in the Fiduciary Awareness Certification Test (FACT), which is a key component of the CGRS.

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